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1. Aquarius Experience and Park Bath

 1.7-hectare spa complex: wave pool, slides (kamikaze, family, giant, black hole, race, elephant), wild water stream channel, children’s pools, Inca temple ruins with treasure island.

2. Aquarius Bath Medicine Department

 The special healing power attributed to the Sóstó’s water dates back to the age of King Matthias…

3. Lake Bath

The Sóstó Lake, surrounded by an oak forest and having an area of 9.5 hectares, is located in Sóstógyógyfürdő. If you are fond of natural waters, this is your place!

4. Horse riding

Trail rides and riding lessons set in the stunning Hungarian countryside, forests and open plains.

5. City Day Events

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and atmosphere of the downtown.

6. Pentecost

Pentecost is the festival when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is a happy festival.

7. Night Of Museums

The Night of Museums is a cultural event in which museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night to introduce themselves to new potential patrons.

8.Take the high road with soaring!

If you’ve never had a glider experience, you really owe it to yourself to try. It’s similar to flying but without all that engine noise. Plus gliders are much smaller than most single engine aircraft. Consequently, the gliding along in one is that much more intimate. The experience is much more akin to soaring through the air like a bird than riding in a plane.

9.VIDOR Festival

Vidor Festival is all about folk, tradition and humor. Vidor is not only the country’s, but Central-Europe’s biggest world music festival and it is worthily the most popular global art festival in Hungary.

10. Tirpak Festival, Pálinka Day

Spend a day in the Tirpak Fest of cuisine with people who believe in the power of food to break barriers.

11. Sóstó Open Air Museum

The Museum Village of Sóstó is the biggest regional open-air ethnographic museum in Hungary. Ever since it was established (1970) and opened (1979), it received the title ‘The Museum of the Year’.

12. A walk downtown

The downtown walks are made intimate by the turmoil of plaza creations, parks, resting places and cafés. Among the beautiful buildings of the downtown the Town Hall that was finished by 1873 in eclectic style and the 1892 finished County Hall are seen in their original pomp.

13. Tandem Skydiving

Have you ever imagined what jumping from a plane would feel like? Have you ever fancied freefalling between earth and sky? If your answer is yes, you have found what really suits you! THIS IS TANDEM SKYDIVING! Our team have truly professional tandem pilots to help you try this really special sport, the most extreme of all extreme sports! Make your dream come true! Experience what 100% ADRENALINE feels like!!!

14. Wine Bus

The Wine Bus is a relatively new service. The Participants will learn about the wines and the wine region.

15. Wine tasting

During the wine tasting guests can explore the cellar on a walk around, so that they can get a clear picture of methods of winemaking, of the grape varieties in this historic wine region, as well as the natural environment.

16. Wine cellars

In cellars covered with noble mold the „Tokaji” matures , the wine of kings, king of wines (vinum Regul, billiards Vinorum) said by XIV. Louis. On the region Tokaj two types of cellar spread out: dug and hole basement.

17. Cruising

The ship is always cruising on river Bodrog next to Tokaj up to the entrance of Zsaró by turning and passing on to the beach. After an hour, it will finish at the same place where customers boarded.

18. Rent a boat

The latest touristic attraction, called Nimrod, is a newly built two-floored luxurious catamaran, which is typically proper for a so-called World Heritage city like Tokaj. Its high quality and modern form make it possible to organize exclusive special events.

19. Flower Carnival of Debrecen

The largest cultural event of Hungary, which lasted for one day in the past, has become a several-day-long Carnival Week over the past few years.


Discover the best ride in Sóstó ZOO Hungary. Sóstó Zoo was the best of Europe 2015 and 2018. Of course, you won’t want to miss out the best rides. Read our Frequently Asked Question list!

How to get there?

Sóstó Zoo is located about 3 miles outside of the Nyíregyháza. The Bus terminal is located about 1.4 km from the town centre, which is only a 17 minute walk. Address is Petőfi tér

GPS Coordinates:  47.950235, 21.703891

Debrecen International Airport is the closest airport to the resort. You can go by bus directly to Debrecen Train Station from the airport. From the train station you can go by train directly to Nyíregyháza county town.

Airports near the Sóstó Zoo

*Debrecen International Airport (DEB) 36mi from Sóstó Zoo

Direct flights to Debrecen International Airport (DEB) from Luton Airport London (LTN) and Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)

*Budapest International Airport (BUD) 152mi from Sóstó Zoo

*Kosice International Airport (KSC) 78mi from Sóstó Zoo

Where to stay?

Nyíregyháza Sóstó Spa

There are plenty of official hotels on or near the Sóstó ZOO site.


How many days?

To get the most out of your visit you’ll probably need to spend a minimum of 2 days there, though plan for at least 3 if you’re bringing children during peak season.

How much spending money?

A family of four can expect to spend around £100-£150 a day on food and drinks alone, although booking a set menu in advance can save you both money and time. The rest depends on how mad you plan to go in the shops!


When should I visit?

The Sóstó ZOO is usually open from

April – August 9am – 7pm

September 9am – 6pm

October 9am – 5pm

November – March 9am – 4pm


Will I need a guide?

In the Sóstó ZOO staff can help guide you around but maps are also available.

How to book bus tickets?

When booking bus tickets to the resort the official name of the bus station is Sóstógyógyfürdő 8 bus service.

How to book train tickets?
When booking train tickets to the the official name of the station is Nyíregyháza.

Did you know?

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue.